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Details of Alpana

Name: Alpana
Age: 24
Size: 32D-28-34
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Light Brown
Height: 5' 5 (169cm)
Origin: Siliguri, India
Languages: Hindi, English
Available Location: Siliguri

About Me

Hello Friends My name is Alpana. I am from Siliguri. I am working with Siliguri escorts Agency. I am about to give you pleasure in Siliguri. If you come to roam in Siliguri and you want to enjoy here, then you can contact our escort's agency. I am present for you in Siliguri. I can entice you with your unique look and sexy figure when you meet me; you will be happy and would like to spend my time with me. So what are you thinking, come to our Siliguri Escorts website and contact me and remember the time you have been with me.

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